We design solutions for today’s challenges
with logic, intuition, and thoughtfulness

Welcome to Walk

An Industrial design studio that builds products and experiences dedicated to users.
We bring our expertise to a wide range of organizations, from small start-ups with big ideas to established companies with progressive visions.

We love to tackle today’s new challenges.
With a balanced mix of rational and sensitive thinking,
our studio delivers tailored solutions that make our partners’ projects a reality.

Our design is :


By bringing value and emotion to the users through shapes, materials, and colors, well designed objects tell people stories they are willing to hear.


Time and resources put into new products bring opportunities to create something truly new, improving experiences, contributing to positive change.


The user is central to the design process, ensuring relevant solutions to his culture and reality. Good products are true to their users as to the purpose they serve.


We are a team of Industrial Designers with international backgrounds
ranging from San Francisco to Shenzhen.


A successful product results from a savant assembly of
Observation, creativity, and cooperation.
Our Design process fits your project. Each project is unique and therefore gets a customized methodology, strategy, and tools, shaping a unique product true to its purpose.


Connecting with people's habits, forecasting trends and needs evolutions to imagine fitting products and services.


Converting insights and concepts into shapes by Sketching, modeling, prototyping, and proof-testing.


Converging product design with manufacturing constraints until it is ready for production, at a small or large scale.


Through our experience, we had the chance to collaborate with some of the most exciting companies

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